FCC 5G Mobile Now! & Threat to Satellite C-Band

– Monday 24th Sept SSPI-SE Chapter Meeting


SSPI South East Chapter is pleased to be able to present a second meeting on the vitally important topic of the ‘5G Mobile Now!’ threat to the satellite industry’s use of the 3700-4200 MHz C-Band Downlink Band. The FCC has proposed a number of methods to re-assign some or all 500 MHz to 5G usage, potentially restricting FSS Satellite usage that stretches back almost 50 years.


  • As a follow up to our June meeting, there are important developments and updates to share, recap and emphasize to all stakeholders using C-Band downlink frequencies.


  • Once again we have a top tier panel of presenters from the SES, Intelsat Regulatory & RF Engineering teams, plus real world RF Operations & Engineering perspectives from Mark Johnson of LinkUp Communications.


  • Of note, is that earlier in the day on Monday 24th the Intelsat/SES consortium leading the defense of the spectrum for the FSS industry, is hosting a ‘C-Band Technology Day’ specifically for customers of SES and Intelsat where various mitigation hardware and techniques will be presented.


  • So, in the evening, our SE chapter meeting can be ‘overtime’ for attendees at Ellenwood and also a second opportunity to participate for those not at the Ellenwood event.


  • The goals of the meeting would be similar to the first time round:


    a/ Presenting an overview for attendees new to the 5G game


    b/ Share updates to those who attended the first meeting or are up to speed through other avenues


    c/ Presenting as much technical detail on the 5G signal and mitigation testing as appropriate, and amount of time for this technical audience.


    d/ Fire Atlanta metro stakeholders up/ attendees up with a strong Call To Action to register downlinks/earth stations & send Comments to the FCC and be ACTIVISTS!


Presenters are:        1/ Mark Johnson, LiNKUP Communications

                                                 2/ Petra Vorwig, SES

                3/ Hazem Moakkit & Susan Crandall, Intelsat


Date / Time:               Monday 24th September 2018.


          5:45 - 6:00 pm     Gathering & Networking – Snacks & Soft drinks

                                                 6:00 pm sharp - 7:30/7:45      Presentations, Panel Q&A  

                                                 7:30 / 7:45 pm - 8:15pm             Networking                                             

Location:              Turner Broadcasting System

                                          1000 Techwood Drive NE, Atlanta, GA 30318

Registration:             FREE via an Eventbrite weblink to follow + via live webcast too.

24 Sep 2018
5:45pm - 7:45pm EDT

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  • Turner Broadcasting, Techwood campus, Atlanta GA